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Claiming Your Unpaid Overtime Wages: Florida Labor Laws


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According to Florida Labor Laws, workers are entitled to a minimum wage of $7.67 per hour for forty hours of work per week. If an employee works more than 40 hours in a given week or eight hours in a day, he or she is entitled to 1.5 times that amount for every hour of overtime. This amounts to $11.51 per hour beyond the limit.

You Can Collect Overtime Wages After the Fact

Some employees don't realize that they are eligible for overtime pay, and many employees don't realize that they can collect this pay after the fact if their employers have not yet provided it. Also, some employers try to deceive workers by calling them "independent contractors" instead of employees, or by claiming that the statute of limitations for collecting back pay has expired. Some employers also try to claim that employees are not covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act if they are paid any salary at all, and these employers believe they can avoid paying overtime if they classify their employees as "exempt".

If you believe you are covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act and are entitled to overtime pay you haven't received, a simple investigation can help you recover your unpaid wages. You may also be able to claim additional damages from your employer if he or she is guilty of illegal or fraudulent actions.

What to Do If Your Employer Refuses to Pay You

If your employer does not pay you overtime wages, claim unpaid overtime wages by filing an official complaint with your local Department of Labor office. You may also file a civil claim with the Florida state court system. Filing a lawsuit against your employer can help you claim unpaid overtime wages in Florida. In either case, you may benefit from the help of unpaid overtime attorneys in South Florida with years of experience in employment law.

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